What would be the street name for Acetaminophen/Hydrocodone?

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17 Feb 2013

They're normally just referred to as "tabs", which is the shortened version of lortab. Hope this answers your question.

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17 Feb 2013

It actually depends on where you live I have heard them called different things, there are 3 names that they are called in the area that I live and they are, "vics", "tabs", or "hydros".
I hope this helps you some.
Take care!! :))

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tryin to help 17 Feb 2013

Thank you both so much. I still hv 2 more but I dont know what they're called yet. Thanks Again!(

tryin to help 17 Feb 2013

Thanks for earlier answer. I now have 2 more perhaps you can help with street names: Tizanidine Hydrochloride
Thanks for any help you may be able to give me. "Sincerely Tryin to help"

18 Feb 2013

Hello tryin.. There are several med names for Acetaminophen/Hydro ... Loratab, Vico, Vic tabs, Norco, and for the Tizanidine that is generic for Zanaflex which is a muscle relaxer, and the Lorazepam is generic for Ativan which is a benzodiazepine ... I hope this helped.. good day to you :)

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pamee 18 Feb 2013

Sorry forgot to mention street name ... Tizanidine is a crazy one lol.. street name in some areas is "cha cha". I am not too sure about the Loazepam other than calling it a "benzo"

pamee 18 Feb 2013

Did a google search on the cha cha and its what some came up with, bcuz it was from a website hahaha dumb! I am sure if you google street names there will be a lot.

3 Sep 2013

Vicodin or Norco's or Nortabs or Vikes or I need my medication now

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