I just started taking adipex-p yesterday.I had alot of energy,and was sweating,is this normal?

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19 Mar 2012

Adipex P is a central nervous system stimulant. Sweating is not a side effect but "more than usual" energy is.

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KellyW74 19 Mar 2012

Hi Suzanne66!How long have u been taking it and have u seen any results?I have definitely lost my appetite,but i altleast try to eat some crackers or steamed veggies.

16 May 2012

I would think that is normal since you have increased energy. It is not really listed as a side effect anywhere that I have seen. You will have alot of energy for the first few weeks and with me it gradually lessened and now it is a perfect amount of energy(8 weeks on it). Just keep an eye on your blood pressure and keep your doc posted if it gets worse.

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22 Mar 2013

Make sure you eat small, nutritional food throughout the day. When you take adipex is best if you see a doctor who can help you with a nutritional plan, but also to answer to all of your questions. Try dramaticweightloss.com who can help you lose weight.

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