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Should I worry if I am having vaginal discharge and spotting while taking amoxicillin?

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28 Feb 2011

If you are on birth control pills and take amoxicillin it can decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills and some women will spot with breakthrough bleeding while on antibiotics. You need to be sure to use a back up method of birth control during the time you are on the antibiotics and for a week to two weeks after you finish antibiotics or you could become pregnant. If you are not on the pill the vaginal discharge and spotting is nothing to worry about unless the discharge becomes thick and cheesy and itches. That could indicate a Candidal infection secondary to the antibiotics and you need to talk to the prescriber for medication to combat the Candida infection (otherwise known as yeast infection) Antibiotics are notorious for causing secondary Candida infections in certain women who are susceptible to them.

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