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Restless Legs Syndrome - Does Xanax help ease minor RLS?

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30 Aug 2012

I have found Gabapentin to help my restless leg syndrome.

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aubreysmom31 6 Nov 2012

Hi. I am new to this but when you tried gabapentin did it cause you migraines or to feel kind of woozy. After two days of 300 mg three times a day I had a migraine for 7 days got treated at the hospital, felt a little better so I tried it one more time and I have had a migraine for 5 days now.

pinkmom66 7 Mar 2013

The causing migraines is odd. Gabapentin is one of the medications they are using to treat my son's migraines.

8 Aug 2012

I could. Different things for for RLS for different people. Hope this helps.

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SandraLHoutz 9 Aug 2012

My sleep doc put me on Requip for this after my sleep study. I was using Restoril for sleep 30 mg and was sleeping very well but she wanted me to go this route ... not sure I like it as I'm not sleeping as well ... I can take 1 mg Klonopin with it or 10 mg of Serax ... but still not sleeping as well as I was on the Restoril ... and believe me I tried Ambien, Ambien CR, Rozarem, etc etc ... I just went up to a full 1 mg of the Requip last night -- and today I've had a fairly bad nauseated stomach ... so I'm hoping it's not from upping the Requip ... did you have a sleep study done?

balbanese 9 Aug 2012

Yes, but it was before the RLS. As much as I don't like it, Tramadol is what helps my RLS, although not with some of the stuff you're taking now. Again, different things work for each.

9 Aug 2012

Xanax helps you sleep through RLS. However; there are better medications for RLS.
Best to you ... pamee

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SandraLHoutz 9 Aug 2012

I'd be interested in hearing what you think Pam ... I think I have to stop taking the Requip ... first three nights were okay and tolerated at .5 mg and then I was to titrate up to 1 mg which I did two nights ago, first of those two nights I ended up with horrible stomach pain and nausea all day, which was yesterday, so I took another 1 mg at bedtime last night and my throat was swelling shut ... so I'm thinking NO to that drug ... I did e-mail my doc and told her. I did see my primary and we agree to let me take just 1-150 mg tab of Wellbutrin SR instead of the twice a day usual dosage of it and see if that's enough to curb my anxiety issues and I told her the best results I had sleep wise was using the Restoril ... so that's what i would like to do ... we shall see ... and the stupid Requip can also cause viral issues to flare-hence a nasty genital herpes flare I'm dealing with right now :( so not happy ... I have been free of it for almost 3 years due to taking daily Valtrex ...

Luna moth 9 Aug 2012

Thanks P, I have Xanax so hopefully that could ease the night spells a bit.

29 Nov 2012

I find that Xanax along w/ ambien & other sleep aids make my RLS worse & am trying to get some relief w/ it as well as I just self diagnosed my self but do have appt rhuematologist day after Xmas & am looking forward to it. Good luck hope you've found some relief

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1 Jun 2013

RLS is caused by inflammation. Xanax isn't going to help. It may mask the symptoms for a short while. What you need to do in order to lessen the RLS is to being an anti-inflammatory diet.

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