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Does Prilosec cause joint, bone and/or muscle pain?

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22 Aug 2015

Oh my God!! i had the worst pain in my legs. I truly believe this med has strong side effects on bones. If you have arthiritis, please take this med with lot of precaution.

13 days ago

I took Prilosec for 9 months. 50% of the time 20mg, and 50% of the time 40mg OTC. I have severe wrist, and knee pain, which might be unrelated. I regularly take Calcium Citrate, and Magensium supplements. If you're experiencing pain like this, please share it on my health blog I'm really curious to learn about your story.

6 Dec 2015

Two days ago I was putting cold compresses and hot compresses on to try and dull the pain I was in. I was hit by a drunk driver a few years ago and thought the pain was somehow connected to that. I started Prilosec when I had an attack of GERD due to Metformin.. I had taken it for a short time years ago with success. This time was different. I had pain in the muscle area of my upper arms, my hips and basically all over. I was honestly in misery and knew it was a different kind of pain.

23 Aug 2015

Mine is,more of a agreement than a answer. I have so many of the side effects listed and thankful for all the answers shared here to help me make a decision of weaning off this med


11 Aug 2012


Bone pain is considered a severe side effect of this med, you must seek immediate medical attention.

All the best,


AquariusAnneCA 12 Aug 2012

Yes, yes and yes! Prilosec or Omeprazole the generic for Prilosec is what I took for 12 years. My fingers became distorted, I had gout, my legs are still in some pain but I am weaning off of the medication and my bone pain is so much better, gout is gone, fingers are beginning to straighten out and I am walking better. Also, my shortness of breath is almost gone too... not good medication for me! I am taking a zantac 2 times a day and it is helping the horrible heartburn that came with a vengeance when I first stopped the Omeprazole... consider talking to your doctor to a change and not a PPI (proton pump inhibitor) since this stops your production of acid and causes a lot of other problems... just my opinion.
Aquarius Anne

tmartindub 28 Oct 2012

I was prescribed Prilosec for gerd for several years and after a couple of months I developed joint pain so bad I could hardly walk. I was diagnosed as having onset of arthritis. Purely by accident I missed two doses of Prilosec and the pain was almost gone and immediately came back when I resumed the dosage. During the period of two missed doses, my gerd came back with a vengance, far worse that I had it to start with. PPIs should be taken off the market entirely because of their side effects. Sure, they get rid of the gerd but you are hooked for life unless you wean yourself off it as I did. The pain is improving daily.

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