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What happens if I take Prilosec more than 14 days? I have been taking it for about two years?

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26 Aug 2013

Some people end up having to be on prilosec and others if its class indefinitely. There have been a couple of studies that show some long term effects of acid-suppression while on a PPI (proton pump inhibitor). One is PPI's can affect the absorption of calcium, this in turn can lead to bone fractures and osteoporosis. B-12's absorption may also be effected by long term PPI use and may be monitored. There are a couple of other things that were looked at, but the point is it has prompted doctors to take a step back and reevaluate long term PPI use. Don't get me wrong, some people have to take these for a long time or suffer gastric problems. The 14 days treatment for Prilosec is for little problems. Most ulcers, gerd etc require a longer treatment time than 14 days, and they want you to go to your doctor in case it is something more serious.

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