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Can I take Prednisone after the expiration date?

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18 Feb 2012

How expired? And what for? I've taken it when it has expired in the form of eye drops when I was desperately awaiting to get in the doctor. If it's over 6 months I would not suggest it.

18 Feb 2012

No medication should be consumed beyond their expiry date. Many medications can actually become toxic, harmful and potentially deadly if taken after they have expired.please throw it out..
good luck

18 Feb 2012

When providing medications for missionaries in other countries we were told that US medications can be used to up to one year after the expiration date. It would be best to use medication that is within the expiration date, but I don't think there is any harm with medications taken shortly after expiration. Medications don't go bad overnight. But please if you need Prednisone contact your doctor and either get a new script or possibly be on some other medication. Prednisone is a dangerous medication that needs to be used under a doctor's supervision for the specific problem it was prescribed. Hope this helps

19 Feb 2012

Old meds should be disposed of properly. Check with your pharmacist what programs or policies are in your area.

The others have said it well. Check with a doc first.

By the way, prednisone is very cheap even without insurance. Please get a new script from the doc and stay safe.

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