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Phentermine - Any reviews from females over 60 years of age?

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24 Sep 2012

As long as you don't have a panic disorder you should be successful with loosing weight it will suppress your hungry right away
Good luck

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24 Sep 2012

Hi there "wanttobethin" and welcome to DC. I hope you enjoy your experience here and find the support you are seeking. I like your username and I can also appreciate it. I am a woman in her late 50s (58 to be exact) who has lost a lot of weight. I want to add here that phentermine has the propensity to exacerbate certain psychological symptoms that include the sudden urge to attack people! I am not kidding on that one. It has some pretty ugly and severe side effects, too. I am not going to sugar-coat this one because I believe your desire to lose weight is stronger now than the low benefits of this drug. It can also cause tachycardia and heart palpitations along with increased blood pressure. It is meant to be used on a "short-term" basis only. The resulting rebound weight gain is also very high in people who have used this. It can also cause extreme agitation and thus insomnia.


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Wger2824 24 Sep 2012

Head starter
You are so correct about about wanting to attack someone. Even though I only took it for 4 days maybe 5 I was so overwhelmed with the panic attacks I was having as I think back on it I was very agitated and for no reason at all. The drug for me was not worth it at all I exercise everyday but stay at the same weight due to my eating habits.
I will also look into the 6 week body make over thanks so much

HeadStarter 24 Sep 2012

My pleasure... and now you know there WAS a reason for the way you felt while taking that drug - it causes major and severe issues!!! Good luck and let me know if you want support with the 6-week body makeover. I never thought I would EVER get to a reasonable weight! I did because I was mad at a doctor and I also wanted to be a better and different weight when I remarried. I have been with my new hubby for just over 2 years but he was another reason I got myself on track. I knew I could do it and I bought a wedding outfit before I could even get into it - how's that for confidence!!! They say you shouldn't try to be a weight that you have never been able to maintain. The weight or size I had been most of my teenage years into my early twenties was a size 12. I am 5'7" and a smidge inches tall. It was the size 12 I was aiming for even though I didn't know when the weight loss was going to stop because I never plateaued...


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