OxyContin - What effect does it have on erection and sex?

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14 Jan 2012

I think it's a depressant so...

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Anonymous 14 Jan 2012

Oxycontin is a time release opiate pain medication not an antidepressant, but it can still cause this problem depending on the dose... Mary

14 Jan 2012

In about 1% people who take OxyContin decreased sex drive; impotence (also known as erectile dysfunction, or ED) has been reported as one of its many rare side effects.

Maybe taking to a doc who prescribed the med could be of help, take care, best wishes!

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14 Jan 2012

In my experience it lowers sex drive big time, and having an orgasm is close to impossible when your using. Neither my husband or I can when we were on opiates.

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kittycatgirl2 14 Jan 2012

That's what I trying to say, without saying it. thank you, Megan

Ak_Megan 14 Jan 2012

Your welcome, I just believe when it comes to drugs, you might as well be blunt, and honest. I just really wanna help people with opiate addiction, since I know all to well. I am sober for a month now.

8 Feb 2012

It is common for men who take any type of opiates, including OxyContin, to not be able to orgasm during sex or to have great trouble reaching orgasm.

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