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OxyContin - What effect does it have on erection and sex?

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14 Jan 2012

I think it's a depressant so...

Anonymous 14 Jan 2012

Oxycontin is a time release opiate pain medication not an antidepressant, but it can still cause this problem depending on the dose... Mary

14 Jan 2012

In about 1% people who take OxyContin decreased sex drive; impotence (also known as erectile dysfunction, or ED) has been reported as one of its many rare side effects.

Maybe taking to a doc who prescribed the med could be of help, take care, best wishes!

14 Jan 2012

In my experience it lowers sex drive big time, and having an orgasm is close to impossible when your using. Neither my husband or I can when we were on opiates.

kittycatgirl2 14 Jan 2012

That's what I trying to say, without saying it. thank you, Megan

Ak_Megan 14 Jan 2012

Your welcome, I just believe when it comes to drugs, you might as well be blunt, and honest. I just really wanna help people with opiate addiction, since I know all to well. I am sober for a month now.

8 Feb 2012

It is common for men who take any type of opiates, including OxyContin, to not be able to orgasm during sex or to have great trouble reaching orgasm.

12 Oct 2014

The ability to orgasm is greatly diminished, but not impossible. An over the counter supplement called libido-max helped a lot, but caused some stomach upset. If you take all 4 pills at once, like the label says, it's gonna upset your stomach and ruin your plans. If you plan ahead and space the pills out about one every 1-2 hours with some food, it makes all the difference. It ruins the spontaneity, but after 20 years of marriage and 2 kids, we're happy to get any time to be intimate, even if we have to plan it ahead of time. I'm off the OxyContin after 11 years of back pain, and now have hypersensitivity. Basically, it means that my body is overly sensitive to compensate for the deadening of the nerve pain from the OxyContin. My problem now is that I orgasm TOO quickly!

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