Osteoarthritis - Does Prednisone give you energy, and make you feel better ?

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2 Apr 2013

I think everyone is different with this. I have heard many people say that it does make them feel better and that they have so much more energy than when not taking a steroid, but I myself do not experience this. I hope that you do. Best of luck!

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Satancake 11 days ago

I use prednisone on and off for chronic eczema, whenever a flare up gets bad and I need it, which is unfortunately more often than not. I won't say I like the idea of ingesting such a large amount of steroids, but I will say that prednisone is damn near impossible not to take when it works so well. When I take prednisone I am itch and pain free and have tons of energy. I am more productive during the day in terms of housework and I don't feel sluggish or fatigued while on prednisone. I don't experience any of the negative effects, except occasional heart burn.

2 Apr 2013

I didnt experience this either. It did help some with the ache but otherwise, I felt no difference and I gain a lot of weight every time I get any kind of steroid so I am not overly fond of taking them.

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2 Apr 2013

The times I have been on Prednisone were for severe allergic reactions to other medications, but I can tell you it sure helped with pain.
It is used as an anti-inflammatory so can help alot if you have alot of inflammation from arthritis, but being that it is a corticosteroid it also weakens your immune system so long term used is usually not a good idea as you risk developing infections and can easily get sick.
I know my hubbie's uncle took it for 6 months for inflammation and never did have a return of symptoms afterwards.

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20 Apr 2013

Depending upon the dose level one can become hyper. At around 40mg per day or higher I start staying awake for longer periods and feel energetic. However, outside observers say I am way over board and very hyper. It feels better than the more painful lower levels but is scattered attention and quick loss of interest. Since I am bed bound at those times I don't have a chance to do something stupid. Don't drive, for sure.

The effect is artificial and just like people who get very hungry from certain levels, it can be very erratic and not healthy at all to be rather manic.

If it is working, the Osteo will be reduced in pain as the inflammation is reduced. It is very individual and if you are getting good results, go with it. If you find yourself unable to sleep, call the doctor right away. Something else is going on or you need to go about this differently. High doses are split, half at night and half in morning.

Stay strong. It is a tough disease. Karen

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