Is it normal for the tongue to become numb after taking the medicine?

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15 Jan 2013

Hello vgravitt5. Could you please name the medicine? Appreciated pledge

vgravitt5 16 Jan 2013


15 Jan 2013

hello vgravitt5,
You didn't mention what medication... hit the comment button and submit... GOD BLESS... angel1662

vgravitt5 16 Jan 2013


16 Jan 2013

I think a tongue being numb needs a doctor visit or call. If swallowing is difficult go to the ER. Don't hesitate.

If it is temporary, please give us the the medication.

vgravitt5 16 Jan 2013

I forgot to mention the drug. It is Saphris. Second night in a row this is happening. The numbness does go away but it takes a bit.

endlessPred 16 Jan 2013

Thanks that really helps to know. I have checked the reported side effects. This needs to be reported to your physician as it is part of a more serious group of side effects. Problems swallowing, tightness of throat, inability to move tongue need help. These start at low dose and become worse as dose is increased.

Please contact your doctor right away. Seek the ER if your throat or breathing are affected, there are a list of side effects that should have come with your medication. Read thoroughly. Also check other side effects by putting the drug name into the medication checker above. The list is complex. Call the doctor as soon as you are able. Write if more questions.

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