Will naproxen work for pain& swelling to face due to tooth ache?

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17 Jul 2012

Yes, Naproxen belongs to a class of drugs called non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. It will help relieve the pain and help to reduce the swelling. It will not however treat the cause of the toothache. If your toothache persists you should see your dentist.

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18 Jul 2012

Naproxen will help decrease the swelling and therefore decrease the pain to a degree. However, with your description of the problem, it sounds as though you have a major infection going on. The naproxen will do absolutely nothing for that. You really need to get too a dentist (the best solution) or at least your pcp dr to get an antibiotic for the infection. Ignoring the infection can lead to extremely dangerous health problems. They may even be able to give you a stronger, short term pain reliever to make you more comfortable while the antibiotic works on your infection. But I really can't stress enough the importance of getting an antibiotic immediately.

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18 Jul 2012

It is well researched that untreated dental problems leads to serious heart disease and heart attack. That includes bleeding gums, let along an infection like yours.

Hope you get to that dentist very soon. They always have spots open for these types of things. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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IMALEADER2 5 Oct 2013

where is the dentist you work for..because i have the above that you speak of and i do not want to have a heart attack but few people will take because of my insurance!

endlessPred 10 Oct 2013

I pay cash for dental work and am on disability. We arrange payments. With all I have wrong, there is no way I would die from an abscess gone septic. You have insurance of some sort? Just do it. Life will get better.

14 Apr 2014

I just started treating sore, slightly swollen knee 2 days ago with over the counter 220mg Aleve/Naprozen and now DENTAL WORK I have done about 2 months ago is in SERIOUS PAIN! Knee is fine, sore elbow also better fast. I have used Naprozen as a safer alternative to prescription drugs in the past with no problems. Bought on Saturday, not here Monday morning I have SEVERE PAIN when I lay down. When I stand, no problem or it goes away, lay down and within minutes 2 teeth, one upper jaw, another lower jaw start THROBBING!!! I had both these teeth recently refilled. Both had multiple fillings from the past, had them removed and refilled at GREAT EXPENSE. A couple old filling were loose or bad so I had them fixed. Teeth were super-sensitive before, then only slight sensitive after procedures. NAPROXEN set them both off BAD and I can't sleep. Starting taking Vicodeines 12 hours ago and stopped Naproxen. Been taking larger does but they have no effect.


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