What is the maximum daily dosage of Gabapentin?

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23 Apr 2013

Hello Shanon,
To the best of my knowledge, the max dose of gabapentin is 3600mg per day. I currently take 2700mg myself on a daily basis. I take it for fibro and neuropathic pain. I hope this helps you.
In peace,

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23 Apr 2013

It is 3600mg. Usually it is administered 900mg 4x per day at that dose. I was at that dosage for a couple years. When needed, lower dosages are slowly raised by a doctor after side effects and benefits are evaluated at lower dosages. There is a lot of information out there that indicates its effectiveness wears out for some people and an increase may be needed. However, once you are at 3600mg, you have no place to go. Personally, I would recommend trying to not go past 2700mg, so you have the mental encouragement that it can be raised if things get worse. People at these pain levels need psychological strengths as well. At 3600mg, you might be able to find a doctor that will prescribe Lyrica in addition to get to a higher dose of gaba receptors. I would suggest researching the FDA guidelines first on that issue. Everyone reacts differently to meds.


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27 Apr 2013

The maximum dosage is 3600 mg. I have been on 2700 mg & I take 900 mg 3x day & have been on this dosage for about 10 yrs. Once I felt like I needed more my Dr. decided to put me on Lyrica with the Gabapentin. Between the two medications they worked really great. So speak to your Dr. & see what would be best for you. Kathy

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30 Jul 2013

In 2008 a Neurological Surgeon put me on a dose of 6400mg a day taken 4 x 1600mg every 6hrs for pain after an amputation... It seriously messed me up in the head after being on it for >6mo... Does this mean the UW Hospital Surgeon overdosed me???

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26 Aug 2013

I am taking 5,200 per day for a nerve problem, causing severe pain, in my right leg and have crazy effects from it at times including a complete loss of my muscles. That includes dropping things that I am holding and even having my knees go out on me (though that has only happened twice). If the pain in my leg was not so bad I would cut back but the medication is the only relief that I can find.

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28 Jun 2014

3600 seems to be the magic number. I've been on gabapentin only a few weeks but already I've jumped from 900mg a day to 2400mg. I take it 600mg in four doses, breakfast, early afternoon, late evening, and bedtime. It really help with the sciatic leg pain and back pain. I have a herniated disk and I am waiting to have surgery as soon as they can schedule me. I think gabapentin is a great pain reliever, although it does make me very drowsy and clumsy. I would say don't drive while you're on this med.

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