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Lortab 10/500 - What is stronger a m366 lortab or a m358 lortab?

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11 May 2011

I have never heard of 366 or 358 tabs, where did you get that number

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sandrarobert 11 May 2011

They r vicadin that would be a m 366

BRRMARS 11 May 2011



11 May 2011

They are from different manufacturers, & that number refers to the amounyt of acetophetamine(tylenol) in the Vicodin. Seems we had this question yesterday also. Hope this helps...

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11 May 2011

Hey sandrarobert,

The M366 is 7.5 mg hydrocodone with 325 mgs acetominophen (tylenol) while the M358 is 7.5 mgs hydrocodone with 500 mgs acetominophen. So the amount of opoid pain killer is the same, the difference lies in the amount of cutting agent, acetominophen. So the M358 is ever so slightly stronger, though in reality I doubt you'll notice much difference between the two.

Hope this helps.


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caringsonbj 11 May 2011

sorry Laurie, its taking me a little time you are right

11 May 2011

according to the pill identifier both of these numbers that you gave me are 7.5 of hydrocodone, 7mg of hydrocodone and 500mg of tylenol (acetaminophen)

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Anonymous 11 May 2011

Billy, you're on the computer again. You are in trouble! Mary

Rajive Goel 11 May 2011


13 Jul 2011

m366 has 325 mg of acemedaphine and the m358 has 500 mg of ace but they both have the same amount off narcotic 7.5,hope this helps

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11 Apr 2013

Its actually the same

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12 Apr 2013

Which is stronger? They're the same. The m358 has slightly more poison in it with 500 milligrams of acetaminophen. The higher the dose of that the worse it is on your liver. If your doctor ever write you a script for such a drug, try and get the acetaminophen at the lowest possible dose. But the hydrocodone is what helps with pain.

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26 May 2013


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