Klonopin - does this drug help for pain?

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24 Mar 2013

Klonopin can be given for pain because it calms you down but no it is not a classical pain medicine

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25 Mar 2013

It is not a traditional "pain medication" or analgesic but I have seen it used "off label" to help with musculoskeletal pain because it can help calm and relax muscle spasms.

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26 Mar 2013

Klonopin is not a pain medication. It is for calming your nerves down, anxiety, etc. But it does help in calming you down when you are in pain. And you don't Think about the pain as much because your mind is somewhere else. Hope this was helpful. Good luck to you.

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27 Mar 2013

Hi dano82, I have been taking Klonopin for many years. It is my lifesaver-
for my anxiety and depression. That said it is not a painkiller.~~dd~~

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20 Oct 2013

I originally got this for anxiety, but I've recently found that it does help with my severe menstrual pain.

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