Is taking one Benadryl every night for 4 years harmful? What are the long-term side effects?

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19 Feb 2010

Why are you taking it? Do you have sleep issues? If so have you ever had a sleep study without the Benadryl? It is long overdue. Please if the above sounds like you, this indeed could be dangerous as you do not know why you do not sleep properly, you could have apena issues.

Please let me know how it goes.

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cbarth 19 Feb 2010

I take it because for years I've had inner ear fluid build-up. One Benadryl per night seems to be enough to keep the ears dry & the resulting nausea at bay. I must admit that I'm not sure this is still even a problem for me. The last time I stopped to see if I still needed it was about 2 years ago. After 3 days, the dizziness/nausea/inner ear issues came back, so I promptly started taking the nightly Benadryl and all has been well since. I'm going to stop again to see if I still need it. I suppose I should see an ear specialist, but Benadryl is a cheap quick fix, so I've been using it.

itsmetoo2 19 Feb 2010

I have Meniers Disease, I know about fluid build up in the inner ear. I have suffered since 1995, It is a bad situation. You need to resolve the water problem in your body. Yes, it may come back but very seldom you will have the problem. Cut out salt in your meals. Salt sub. is nasty, so I use herbs. The other day I made mashed potatoes and yes, you should have salt or herbs in it. I added hazelnut cremora, wow it added a sweet and a wonderful taste without the salt. Salt is for flavor, I just changed the rules of cooking.
Hope this all helps.

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