Is it ok to use hydrocortisone cream on your vagina?

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7 Sep 2009

Yes it is ok. Will not hurt you. I've used it before.

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26 Aug 2010

Absolutely my ob/gyn prescribed this for me. I had vaginal swelling/inflammtion caused by vulvar vestibulitis also called vagismus... it helped greatly with the irritation and swelling. I do not believe you should use it "long-term" unless told it is okay by your doctor. One question did your doctor TELL you to apply it to your vagina or did he prescribe it for some OTHER area of your body? Different types or formulations of this product are used for specific areas of the body. I was advised to use it externally, NOT to put it far up inside the vagina but pretty much in the vaginal lips and an inch or so inside. As IO said stick to the application directions provided by your MD. Blessings, Shelly

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