Is it best to take Lexapro during the day or at night? I don't want to be drowsy during the day?

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18 Mar 2011

It doesn't matter as long as it is the same time every day. Lexapro has been shown to cause both drowsiness and insomnia, it depends on the person. If you start taking it and it feels like it makes you drowsy then take it at night, if it keeps you up take it in the morning. It also might not do wither only about 10% - 15% of people report these problems

So you kind of have to see where it takes you. I took it for a short time and it didn't do anything.

Brian PharmD Candidate

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18 Mar 2011

Hey kylee,

You can take either at night or in the morning as long as you take it at about the same time each day. If it makes you drowsy, and it may, then take at night.

Good luck,


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18 Mar 2011

Hey there
As the others said you can take it either morning or night,if it makes you feel tired you're best to take it at night.Some find it better taking it first thing in the morning,others it makes them drowsy,so you'll have to see how it effects you before making the choice which suits you better
Best of luck with the meds

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18 Mar 2011

if you find that Lexapro does cause the effects of drowsiness throughout the day it might be the best for you to take it prior to going to bed, At one time in my life I was on this medication I wasn't exactly drowsy but throughout the day I was more tired until it got into my system so I just took the medication at bedtime, once things improved I started taking it with morning breakfast for no other reason than it was just more simple, if I remember correctly I don't think my doctor really indicated to me which way was the best way I kind of think it is on an individual basis, If we can be of further help to you please don't hesitate to write and ask take good care,

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