Is Glucosamine safe using in CKD patients whose pottasium levels are higher?

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13 Sep 2011

They are doing studies in this arena currently and some would say yes, but I am going to tell you NO. The reason is there is not any control to what is in Glucosamine, as it is not regulated. You would be better with a RX medicine for your condition. How are they lowering your levels that are to high currently? Is there an option for you to have better control over some of the areas you have high levels in? I know diets are terrible and yet black licorice depletes the body of potassium and ask your doctor if you can eat it. Not the supplement but actual candy.Always drink more water, as we are all told and adding a little lemon helps some people and is to help with flavor but also to reduce water retention. Of course, less caffiene which is very hard for me to do and I struggle in this area. I hope you found a solution and best of luck.

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M ALI 4 Mar 2012

I hope on any side effect but ask your doctor
Tablets Name ''JOINTACE'' with Rose Hip, MSM Glucosamine & Chondritin.(Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)

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