I was prescribed 2 anxiety meds, Clonazepam and Diazepam, daily. Is it safe to be taking 2?

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4 Apr 2011

I am taking clonazepam and alprazalom without problems, but to take clonzapam with diazepam (generic for valium), I don't know. I'm assuming a single doctor prescribed them to be used together. Dzoo's from this community is a pharmacist. He'd be able to answer whether taking them both poses any risk.

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MichellePerez1027 4 Apr 2011

thanks (:

4 Apr 2011

Hey Michelle,

It is ok to take these two meds as there are no interactions, but my question is did the doctor prescribe one to be taken regularly while the other is to be taken only as needed? It seems a bit much to be taking two benzodiazepines.

I would discuss this further with your doctor and see just why he/she prescribed two of the same type drug. Maybe like I said one is to be taken only if the other is not working effectively.

Just my thoughts,


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MichellePerez1027 4 Apr 2011

Thanks Laurie... i was taking just 2.5-5mg diazepam through-out the day and at night but the dr thought it might "too much" he said. Especially with my pain medicine. So he prescribed me the Clonazepam and said i only needed to take it every 12 hrs... when i went to the pharmacy they said i am to take 5mg Diazepam just at night. But that still worries me because every 12 hrs means once in AM and once at night(along with the Diazepam)

MichellePerez1027 4 Apr 2011

also... they are both not "as needed" and are to be taken on a schedule

4 Apr 2011

Michelle - it wouldn't hurt to run this question by the doctor again. They are human beings and do make mistakes. Perhaps he/she forgot you were on the other one, etc. Especially as it does seem excessive, along with your pain meds. Call in and ask, just to be on the safe side. I would hate for you to stop
Breathing - no, no one wants that! Take care - EJ

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