I just took 2 metformin tablets by accident, will this cause anything?

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2 Jun 2010

Some of the effects of a metformin overdose may include low blood sugar or lactic acidosis. Symptoms of low blood sugar include blurred vision, shakiness, and extreme hunger. Some symptoms of lactic acidosis can include an irregular heartbeat, trouble breathing, and feeling tired. There are some treatment options for a metformin overdose, including dialysis or using a sugar solution to increase blood sugar levels.

You must seek medical attention, this medication is for the treatment of diabetes, and available a PoM med, hope you get well soon, best of luck.


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seductress 2 Jun 2010

thanks Rajive, but i mistook them for paracetamol, I don't have diabetes. Each of the pills were 500mg so im wondering will this cause any side effects? Or affect me later on?

Rajive Goel 3 Jun 2010

Not to worry, & God forbid that you have diabetes, I have diabetes & its a killer ailment, take care & be well, be careful with meds in future, have a nice day/night.

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