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I have a small moveable lump on my kneecap. Has anyone else had this?

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7 May 2011

Hey Mel ander,

Is it painful? Does it seem to be just skin deep or more associated with the knee cap itself?

Maybe it is a cyst which is probably nothing to worry about unless it is painful. It is really hard to tell without seeing it.

Wish I could tell ya more,


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7 May 2011

Hi Mel,
Perhaps you should get it looked at, it sounds as if this should not be ignored. But like Laurie said, it could be nothing, yet better safe than sorry!

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Rajive Goel 7 May 2011

Both Laurie & Lara, are right, it is better to see a pro to get his/her advice, take care, be well & above all safe!

7 May 2011

Mel Andre, It could possibly be a calcium deposit, harmless cyst, non cancerous. NIK

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7 May 2011

Good info.
Now, can you 'diagnose' MY 'lumps'??
I have had a small, hard lump at the top of my right thigh for several years now. It's never bothered me and didn't seem to grow, so I just ignored it.
Went to dermatologis recently about something else and had HER look and feel it. She said she thought it was nothing, but, if it grew, to come back in.
Well, it feels like it is a little larger, and when my massage therapist pressed on it yesterday it was sore/tender. I also noticed for the first time on Thursday that I seem to be developing MORE of these--some on the top of my other thigh too! THESE ARE NOT IN THE GROIN AREA, OR WHERE I THINK THE LYMPH SYSTEM RUNS THRU MY BODY.
I emailed my internist (primary doc) and he called me and said to make an apptmt. this week and he will check it out.

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Anonymous 7 May 2011

Madhatterbash, I had those too. They were fatty tumors. They don't need to be removed but I did have one removed for vanity reasons. I guess fatty tumors are easy to check by feel. The doctor said I didn't need a cat scan or mri.

madhattersbash 7 May 2011

Thanks for your response!


7 May 2011

I called and made an app. for Monday. (5-9-2011) Two years ago I fell and landed with all my weight on my right knee on the stairs. There was a chip in the kneecap but after the initial pain and when the bruising went away I never had any trouble with it. You could see the indentation on my knee, but it didn't hurt. Untill a couple of months ago when it would hurt when I knelt on it. Then last week it began to hurt all the time and I noticed the lump. It's squishy and can move when I push it. We'll see what the doctor says I guess.
Thanks for the responses.

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9 May 2011

Just an update. I saw my primary today and he is sending me to an orthopediast. Hope fully I can get in soon because my knee is getting worse everyday. Now the back of my knee is swollen too. I can also feel a lump in the back of my knee. Thanks again for your answers!

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LaurieShay 9 May 2011

Hey mel ander,

Is the primary going to make the appointment, they will get you in alot faster than if you call yourself. You probably already know that but just thought I would mention. Hope all turns out ok, and I'll be praying for you. You can try some ice on the knee and keep it elevated above the nose. It really will help.

Best wishes,


madhattersbash 9 May 2011

Best of Luck to you!

11 May 2011

Hi Everyone:
Until I can get in to my MD, I asked my Chiro to feel the lump. He said is was probably a Lipoma--a benign fatty tissue cyst/tumor.
But I still will have it checked out!
Good Luck with the June apptmt.
Don't know what type of insurance you have (HMO??) but maybe if you keep calling back to report the "increasing" severity of your pain they will get tired of taking your calls and 'find' a spot for you sooner!
Or, call and talk to the actual apptmt. person--if that is different from the receptionist, and explain that you will take ANY cancelation apptmt. that comes up on short notice (just give the person your time frame as far as gettting to the office, once they call) and then give them not only your home phone number but also your cell--if you have one.

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Anonymous 11 May 2011

So sorry Mary MHB,
I just quoted you! It is too early for moi, didn't read your answer, durrrrrr!
Mary, get that thing checked out too!

madhattersbash 11 May 2011

Lara: I'ma gonna to...


19 May 2011

Not that you all are just dying to hear about my lumpy knee but I have a new update just in case someone stumbles upon this with a similar problem maybe it could be helpful. I have cartilage loose in the front and a Bakers cyst in the back. The pain is really getting bad in the back. The treatment for the cyst is Ibuprofen and they upped the oxycodone I already take. I will see the orthopedist in 3 weeks as planned. They may drain the cyst and possibly steroid injection for the loose cartilage or surgery for the front.

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Anonymous 19 May 2011

Hi Mel,
Thank you for the update, hope it all goes well for you. Let us know after your procedure how you are doing please.
Your friend and neighbour,

Anonymous 19 May 2011

Thank you neighbor. I will let you know how it goes.

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