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I found a white round pill with 323 on it. What is it?


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What is this pill? it looks like this front -> (N) reverse -> (1|6) its a round white pill?

its is a round white pill i found in my new house in a baggie, what is it please help me

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What kind is a white round pill with cn2 on it?

i have found tablets in my friens house which she should not be taken as she has just come outta hospital due to abuse of painkillers. She has now ...

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What do anacin pills look like?

Are they round, white, 323?

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Found a round white pill with the letter m scored across the middle with the number 10 under it. Wh?

white round pill found. One side has a logo i cant make out the other has an m scored across the middle with a 10 under it. What is it?

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What is this pill - with 'carr 323.' imprint?

Carr 323 on one end. 25 on the other side. Pink and yellow capsule

1 answer 6 May 2013