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Can I use gabapentin 300 mg cap amneal for toothache or tooth pain??

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2 Apr 2013

It probably won't help. Things like Motrin our aleve would be more appropriate.

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2 Apr 2013

Thank-you for your help:)

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2 Apr 2013

Gabapentin is not for acute pain. It is only good in chronic pain and it has to be taken for a while to help. It wont help tooth pain.

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DzooBaby 2 Apr 2013

Gabapentin is actually an anticonvulsant drug that is used in chronic pain. It is not an analgesic.

daisylilicortez 2 Apr 2013

What about if it swelling will work with that?

30 Mar 2014

i have a toothache and inflamation in my gums need to know what i can take. I have gabapentin from a recent knee injury. I also have naproxen will it help?

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REDWOOD34 1 Nov 2014

yes it will take 600 mg gabapentin and a few tramadol if u have them

24 Aug 2014

I know it's been awhile, but these posts stay up, so here is my two cents. Gabapentin is primarily used to treat epileptic seizures, but it has an application in chronic pain practices. It's supposed to soothe the nerves, thereby causing less pain. The problem for using it for a toothache is that the dose required for it to be effective for nerve pain takes awhile for a person to adjust to. Most doctors start patients on 300 mg a day, increasing the medication every 3-5 days. At 900 mg ( say 1-2 weeks out), you will still be at a sub-therapeutic level insufficient for the medication to do much good. Gabapentin (brand name Neurontin) only becomes effective at higher doses and is usually at its optimal level at about 2400 mg, depending on person, size, and a whole bunch more. This is NOT medical advice, just responsive to the use of the medication for tooth pain.

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18 May 2015

There is a gel that is called: Ora Gel - you can get it at your drug store (over the counter)
this should help. Also, plain old aspirin placed on the tooth and allowed to permeate
the tooth and gum will give relief from tooth pain. Go and see your dentist if nothing
works - he/she will know what to do for you.
Good luck and may God bless you and take your pain away. If you have some liquor
in the house, like bourbon or whiskey you can put this on your tooth and gum - this used
to help me when I was young, very young.
Don't hesitate to see your dentist again, or call him/her and tell them what's going on.

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shaggy85 18 May 2015

Ora gel only works if the pain is being cause by the outside were the Ora gel can actually touch not for pain coming from inside by an abscess tooth. Asprin while it is a quick fix is actually a bad idea because its an acid and will actually eat away at your teeth.

Trish Schiesser 18 May 2015

I used Ora Gel for a tooth that was hurting from the inside and it helped. You wouldn't be
using aspirin for a long period of time, therefore it could be helpful.
Good luck.

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