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Does flexeril help with anxiety?

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7 Jul 2013

Hello and welcome to DC, Mrs. Little - Flexeril sure does help with muscle spasms. I cannot say for sure about anxiety though. This medication isn't meant for long-term either. I can see that being on this med for muscle spasms can also have a side benefit. Lots of medications have other benefits than the ones they were prescribed for.

Can you talk more about how you are feeling or how we can help you???


MrsLittle4 7 Jul 2013

Severe anxiety n panic attacks everyday n since i am 4 months pregnant no one will do anything 4 me it scares me at times n i need a solution QUICK!!! wat can i do??

HeadStarter 8 Jul 2013

Hello Mrs. Little. I want to stress to you now that you should NOT be taking meds like that unless your doctors approve it and monitor you while you take it. That growing bundle doesn't need anything that could cause issues. Okay??? So a good, open and honest conversation with your ob/gyn along with your pcp would be in order.

I do hope all goes well with you... and you have a good delivery experience.


8 Jul 2013

Hi Mrs. Little4,
I'm so sorry about the panic attacks you are suffering, they are hellish indeed.
But Flexeril could harm your baby, as Mary indicated, so no Flexeril, OK?

Do tell your doctor about your panic attacks, there is probably something that you can be prescribed that won't hurt your baby. Do you know why you are having panic attacks? This is an anonymous website, you can tell us anything that you wish, we don't know who you are nor do we care. We are just here to help.

mommyand6 8 Jan 2014

I started having panic attack when I was pregnant with my 5 child and I also had muscle spasms I was prescribed both Zoloft and Flexible and my daughter came out perfectly fine since then I have had my last child and same goes for her. I wish you luck with your spasms and panic attacks and for the lady that comment bout we dont care we shoulda care about one another that's whats wrong with people today

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