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How fast would I see result if I use hibiclens for underarm n body odor?

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12 Oct 2012

I dont think it will help any more than a good antibacterial cleanser (soap) and water. Hibiclenz can be pretty rough on the skin for everyday use. I wouldnt use this unless under the advice of a Dr. Overuse can cause really irritated skin and I really dont feel that it will be any more effective then antibacterial soap and water.

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12 Oct 2012

Dear Keshia, you will have relief temporarily immediately. Underarm odor is usually triggered by something. The hibiclens will kill the bacteria present at the time but it may come back. Metabolic disorders, hormone imbalances and even things like curry in food can cause underarm or body odor. If you have an infection or fungal infestation, that can cause it as well. It is ok to use the hibiclens, but it may not stop the problem completely. If you have a regular dr, or even an obgyn, have them do some blood work to rule out metabolic disorders, hormone imbalances, and fungal infestations. This will be getting to the cause of it. The arm pits, groin area and under the breast have sweat glands and I think they are called apocrine glands, these tend to give off more of an odor . The feet often have an odor because of athletes foot, and that is fungal.


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