Drug that makes people sleep immediately,uncontrol,use by putting liquid on handkerchief?

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11 Feb 2010

Are you talking about Ether?

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hoquangminh87 11 Feb 2010

thks for ur answer,lol.i know nothing about medical.i see in movie,some bad guides like terrorist usually use it for kidnaps,but i don't know exactly what it is.so i just want to know name of drug! it's ether? i heard that,2 kind of sleepingdrug:one is gas,one is inject to body,i don't know it have a liquid??can u explain for me?

itsmetoo2 11 Feb 2010

On 30th March 1842, Dr Crawford Williamson Long excised one of two tumours from the neck of a Mr James Venable under sulphuric ether anaesthesia. He had rendered his patient insensible via an ether-soaked towel. Some medical students and several other onlookers watched the operation. At first, Dr Long's patient could scarcely believe what had happened. Only when he was presented with the half-inch-diameter cyst did Mr Venable realise that a tumour had been removed. His bill for two dollars itemised the cost of the ether as well as the tumour excision. On 6th June, Dr Long excised Mr Venable's second tumour. Other pain-free operations on different patients under ether anaesthesia followed. The procedures included the removal by Dr Long of a toe, a finger and another cyst..

Hope this helped

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