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Why does doxepin cause weight gain? Does it change your metabolism in any way?

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8 Aug 2013

Doxepin is a third generation TCA or tricyclic antidepressant. Common side effect of this drug class is weight gain which is accomplished in two different ways. Way one is prolonging metabolism and carb cravings. The second way (which is more common for third generation TCAs) is an increase in appetite due to its histamine blocking abilities. Can it cause you to gain weight? Yes. Will it? Maybe. Some people don't gain weight while others do. If you start to gain too much weight on it then ask your doctor to switch to something else.

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buffy911 9 Aug 2013

Thank you so much. I saw my Doc. today and I told him I was off the ambien and sleeping so good with 10 mg of this, but I quit taking it after I saw all the people complaining of weight gain. He assured me he had numerous female patients who took a low dose to sleep and had not gained any weight. I'll go back and try it again. It was so frustrating to find something a little safer than ambien to sleep with and then see all the people complaining of side effects. Their dose was much higher also.

Thank you for responding.

Cloch 13 Aug 2013

You are welcome, it does help that you are on a lower dose.
Good luck!

coleenparsons1 18 Mar 2014

I've been on doxipin for 8mths and have gain 30 lbs. it so frustrating . He now has my on a lower dose, but I'm also on lamectal that has the same effect.

coleenparsons1 18 Mar 2014

Also try to get him to give you klonepin at night. Good sleep

sh2rose 15 Aug 2014

I have gone from 25mg to 10 mg of doxepin at night for 2 weeks now. I also, take Clonazepam with it. I am sleeping well. I started Pristiq 100 mg the same time I started the Doxepin 25 mg almost 2 years ago. I gained 45 pounds. I was able to cut the Pristiq in half to 50 mg about a year ago. That did not help the weight situation. Now I am off the Pristiq and on Wellbutrin 300 mg as of 2 weeks ago. My doctor wants to change me off the doxepin to Trazadone but I've taken that before and it makes me too drowsy in the AM. What could I change to instead of the Trazadone? I have been on many different drugs over the years.

miaharr 2 Feb 2015

I'm on 50mg of Doxepin at night. I sleep great but i've started gaining weight, about 10 lbs now over 3 months. I didn't take it last night and i feel less hungry today. I'm definitely talking to my doctor. I just lost that weight and gaining it back wasn't fun.

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