Diverticulitis why do you have to take flagyl and cipro together, why not one or the other ?

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4 Jan 2013

Because they get rid of different kinds of bacteria and depending on the infection, you need that action.

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Smiley22 5 Jan 2013

Thank's for the Information.

cupcake7667 5 Jan 2013

I'd add in a probiotic if you aren't already taking one as those are powerful antibiotics that can destroy all the healthy flora in your intestines. There's a million. A very good one ( but expensive :-() is called Vsl#3. It was initially Rx only. But my GI doc gave me A TON of samples. Maybe you could check with yours? But any good probiotic will help. They should always be refrigerated as that's what keeps the healthy bacteria alive. But, that is my opinion only.

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