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Can I cut the 40 mg viibryd pills in half?

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23 Jul 2012

Yes, as long as your doctor tells you that that is what you should do. The above poster said it's scored but the 40mg pill is not. I have to cut mine in half and have a hard time getting it equal but you can do it that way.

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23 Jul 2012

Only if the doctor prescribed 20 mg for you.

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14 Mar 2015

Be very careful with this one. I have tried 3 times to take cut 40's (I'm prescribed 20s) and I take it before going to bed. Each night I have an outer body experience, have difficulty waking from it, and feel like I'm in a coma. I am a psych professional, I do not have any psych diagnoses other than anxiety due to post-traumatic stress disorder. I am not prone to hallucinations or anything odd. But these nights really freaked me out. Some medications cannot be cut/opened due to the amount of chemicals being dumped into your system quickly. I don't know if this is one of them. But, if it does this to you, then stop and tell your doctor.

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23 Jul 2012

Hello tpparker1. Yes you can. I believe it has a perforated line just for that purpose. I'd take the dug as perscribed. If your doctor confirms that yes, for reasons other, you can split the dose. Regards, pledge

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lennongurl 23 Jul 2012

Hi pledge, the 40mg is not scored. Just thought I'd let you know!

Anonymous 24 Jul 2012

Thank you Lemongurl. Appreciated, pledge

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