What are the common side effects of NSAIDS?

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28 Mar 2012

The major side effects of NSAIDs are related to their effects on the stomach and bowels (gastrointestinal system). Some 10%-50% of patients are unable to tolerate NSAID treatment because of side effects, including abdominal pain, diarrhea, and upset stomach. Approximately 15% of patients on long-term NSAID treatment develop a peptic ulcer (ulceration of the stomach or duodenum). Even though many of these patients with ulcers do not have symptoms and are unaware of their ulcers, they are at risk of developing serious ulcer complications such as bleeding or perforation of the stomach.

Common side effects of NSAIDs may include the following:

Excess gas
Extreme weakness or fatigue
Dry mouth


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Anonymous 5 Apr 2012

Suzanne's answer covers it it all, but I also get extreme pain in my stomach when I try to take any of them which leads to her list of tummy issues.


3 Apr 2012

For some people, NSAID's put them to sleep, and they cannot function when taking them. I'm not sure if that is even listed as a side effect, but I know several people who simply can't function from sleepiness.

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