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Colace - Is the gelatin used in the capsule plant, beef or pork?

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21 Aug 2012

Best to contact the manufacturer directly.


22 Aug 2012

WOW, gorami, I had NEVER even thought about that, so I called the company. If you take the 50mg capsule, it is made from bones of cattle. If you take the 100mg it is taken from the skin of pigs. I was really shocked thinking that something made from animal products would surely be marked, if not for allergy, but basic courtesy. Perhaps you are a vegetarian, or vegan, or even further, a Kosher Jew, or Muslim, where pork is prohibited. After talking with the pharmacist from Purdue, who makes Colace, he informed me that the FDA sees no reason why those ingredients should be placed on the bottles, and therefore, they are NOT allowed to put them. Fascinating information. From now on, I suggest if you are wary of what you take, you should call the company that makes the product. One more thing the pharmacist informed me about. He said that I would be very surprised to find out how many capsules do have animal products, esp. pig used to make them. Thanks for asking the question!!

naffee7 20 Mar 2015

I called the company and spoke to a female pharmasist and she said the 100 mgs capsules are made from pig skin but the 50 mgs. are made from the bone of cows.

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