Cipro 500 mgs. 2 xs daily. How long should one take this med to clear up an UTI?

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25 Mar 2012

I get UTI's often, my doctor usually gives me cipro for 7-10 days.

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stosh69 25 Mar 2012

I had a scrip for 20 and I took 2 a day for 5 days and about 3 weeks later I developed another. I was wondering if I should take the whole scrip which would be 10 days as you suggest. Is it possible I did not kill the germ with only 5 days of meds?

DzooBaby 26 Mar 2012

As stated below, that is exactly why it came back. 5 days was enough to reduce the bacteria enough for you to feel better but not enough to kill it completely. Something else to consider, when you do not take all of an antibiotic (finish the full course of meds) you risk the bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics and will need stronger and stronger antibiotics. You need to call the Dr and get a whole new script (dont just try to finish what you have-that wont work) and you need to take the full course, the whole bottle, as prescribed!

25 Mar 2012

Simply put: all of it.

Stopping an antibiotic before finishing all the pills is the number one cause for rebound of the disease and drug resistant bacteria. Docs give you exactly what they think you need. You feel better in two or three days. The bug is still there, just not as many. It takes the full course of the drug to get rid of all of it. The med is doing a whole lot more than you think. Makes sense? You should never have a left over antibiotic. Unless the doc changes it because the first didn't work. :-)

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