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Can you get hiv from oral sex?

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15 Oct 2009

No you won't get HIV from oral sex.

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16 Oct 2009

Yes, you can get HIV from oral sex. The majority of HIV infections are acquired through unprotected sex. Sexual transmission can occur when infected sexual secretions of one partner come into contact with the GENITAL, ORAL, or RECTAL mucous membranes of another. Please refer to and read the following link, the information I provided is listed under Transmission and Sexual.

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16 Oct 2009

I think they do warn people that it is a possibility that you can get it from oral sex. You also are at risk of hep a and hep b. They suggest you use a dental dam to prevent exposure to unwanted diseases.

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16 Oct 2009

Yes, if you go to South Africa they even go as far to say you can get HIV from Kissing. Many of their pharmacy bags state ways to get HIV and kissing is one of them. But we are told here in the states no. Who is right and who is wrong?
HIV can be transmitted by blood, sliva, and sex.
Think about this; if you had dynamite in your hand. Just because it does not have a fuse, does this mean it can not go off.
How about static electricity?
You want to take the chance?

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dreamsaver321 23 Jan 2011

I know alots of things on HIV.. Been HIV + for 15 years. It will take a tub full of sliva to get HIV. So you have slum to none for HIV infection.
By Getting HIV from oral sex.. You need to use a condom or dentel jams or 100 % protection is not having SEX at all. Protection is the key for not getting any kind of STD's

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