Can you drive when you are on clonazepam ?

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6 Feb 2011

You need to see how the medication affects you before operating machinery.

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6 Feb 2011

You should be cautious.
Clonazepam can cause side effects that may impair your thinking or reactions. Be careful if you drive or do anything that requires you to be awake and alert.

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7 Feb 2011

Rosanna.B you need to (as he says ) be sure you know how you feel prior to driving? if you feel sleepy or slow then don't drive allow your body a chance to see how it adjusts

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7 Feb 2011

Almost always yes, but as was already mentioned, everyone reacts differently to these medications...

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7 Feb 2011

In agreement with everyone above, I would say yes, just take it a couple of times before you do any driving to see how you react. There shouldn't be to many side effects that would impair you, but it does make you pretty tired. You should be fine driving just a few minutes to and from school/work/home, etc, however, I would strongly advise not to go on long trips over 1-2+ hours, especially at night or when there is any kind of bad weather or other adverse driving conditions. Klonopin makes you sleepy in not just a normal tired or fatigued way, but really deeply drowsy. Hope to have helped.

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jk13 7 Feb 2011

I couldn't agree more, as this is true. While driving is for the most part fine, I personally have to take Nuvigil to keep me awake, most likely due to my meds, although we can't tell for sure cause I can't just stop the Klonopin, something that I have been extremely unsuccessful at... the whole stopping, or even tapering down...

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