Can using meth the night before shoulder surgery cause any major complications?

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7 Apr 2010

Your problem is not the meth.(even though it is) The problem is that it will show up in the pre op blood work and they will not do the surgery.

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subzero58 7 Apr 2010

hi chris,i think your right.what do you say to a doctor when he asks if your taking speed? i just hope this surgery is not on the heart. after surgery meth could cause all kinds of problems. "stop the madness"

christineATU 8 Apr 2010

why the thumbs down? Only telling the truth. Oh, not what you WANTED to hear. OK then my answer is... pack the pipe, smoke it up, have the surgery, you will have absolutely no problems!

7 Apr 2010

hi littledzz, i don't think it would have an adverse compilation before the surgery.but during the surgery if a complication should arise and anything bad should happen you would not have a legal leg to stand on. i hope your surgery does go well.after it you need to stop using this surgery on your heart? if it is you need to let the anesthesia dr know cause if god forbid something does happen you could die maybe. don't do it the night before... subzero58

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christineATU 7 Apr 2010

The surgery is on the shoulder but my answer stays the same!! You get a thumbs up too. You are right about the liability NOT being on the doctor. Wow is that a change!

fall queen 8 Apr 2010

hi littledizz, If you are not scared yet please let me invite you. There is a website you can go to, it doesnt say much about surgery, but the pictures alone might make you check into rehab when you check out of the hospital.P.S. don't think your kidding your doctor one bit he would have to be blind to miss any Meth side effects. If you are going to stick with the meth I would say throw all your caution to the wind as the meth will kill you faster than whatever it is your doctor is going to repair. I must be a little punchy today. You should cjhange your name to BIGDIZZ Falll Queen

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