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Anyone taking antidepressants and phentermine with your Doctors approval?

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19 Sep 2011

I understand that there are some MDs who prescribe phentermine to help with weight loss and to counter the extreme weight gain people experience on antipsychotic medications and some antidepressants.

One weight-control physician I spoke with said he has had moderate success with it for the weight gain side effects of psychotropic medication (psych meds).

However, phentermine is a stimulant and can cause dependency and addiction and so I would think most doctors would avoid it.

There is some evidence that phentermine can precipitate serotonergic syndrome and should be used with caution with the SSRIs and SNRIs. These studies were, however, non-conclusive.

For whatever its worth... I hope this helps... Take care my friend.


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20 Jun 2012

My doctor just recently put me on phentermine to help me. Concentrate more and have more engery. I also take Zoloft I am curious to know how you are doing? Today's my first day so I'm a little cautious as I did check the interactions as well. Please let me know how you did?

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