What antibiotic is used to treat dry socket?


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I have a white caplet with the inscription on it: 9N 99 Can anyone tell me what this pill is?

they think it might be an antibiotic. Does anybody know what this pill is???

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What is this pill - with '' imprint?

EPI 101 red & white capsule. Cannot locate this at all & hoping this is an antibiotic?

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A dr at emergency gave ne a small round green pill no stamp for A RUSTY NAIL PUNCTURE TO THE Sole?

... of my foot he also told me to go buy crutches i have just started a new job so i cannot take the two weeks off from work that he told me to they ...

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What is the white round pill with 500 on one side and CFT on the other?

Is this a generic version of some sort of antibiotic? a painkiller?

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What is this pill - with 'AZ' imprint?

I have a white oval shaped pill with the following on it AZ 345 I think it may be an antibiotic but I'm not sure. does anyone know

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