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Which anti-anxiety medication is the safest to use, the one to take when it is needed only!?

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12 Apr 2013

Hello ih123. It depends on the type of anxiety. Panic attacks, general anxiety, phobia anxiety or anxiety caused by OCD. The various drugs used in the treatment for any of the above are considered to be safe. In the United States approved by the FDA and in Canada by Health Canada. Regards pledge

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12 Apr 2013

Quick- acting benzodiazepines such as Xanax are going to be the best solutions to treating anxiety on an as needed basis. Just be aware it is addictive and you must follow instructions carefully.

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12 Apr 2013

BuSpar or buspirone is a medication for anxiety that is not a controlled substance and not as habit forming as the benzodiazepines are. It can be used as needed or it can be taken every day since it is not as habit forming. You really need to talk to your Dr about your safest options because it also depends on what is causing your anxiety and what other health conditions you have and what other medications you take.

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