Acetaminophen/Oxycodone - WHAT DOSE THE APAP STAND FOR ' 5/325 APAP'?

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25 Sep 2010

Welcome Steve, You will find this site to be very helpful. Best yet there are a lot of loving, caring and self educated people on here who are willing to be there for you, regardless of your issues.
To answer your question. Oxycodone 5/325 APAP contains 5mg of oxycodone and 325mg of acetaminophen (tylenol). The APAP is medical terminology for acetaminophen and propoxyphene, an abbreviation of sorts.
As I mentioned at the beginning, please use this site often. You will get answers to all your questions and always have support people available. You will also make great friends in whom you can confide. Sable

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christineATU 25 Sep 2010

Very nice reply Sable.

fall queen 25 Sep 2010

Hi pampgh, I don't really understand your answer. Oxycodone w/APAP is generic for percocet 5 (meaning 5 mgs. of oxy) and yes APAP is for acetaminophen. Now this is where you lost me propoxyphene is generic for Darvon. That would mean if he had a script for Darvocet, that would be propoxyphene w/APAP (acetaminophen) Thanks Fall Queen

27 Sep 2010

the dose of acet is 325 mg and the 5 is the amount of oxy, same with vicodins. ASAP is aspirin.

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