FDA Professional Drug Information

The Professional Drug Information database is a repository of drug information sourced directly from the FDA. It includes detailed notes on the clinical pharmacology of a wide variety of drugs.

FDA Documents - More Information

FDA product labels provide Professional Information about drugs. This professional information presents product monographs approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and compiled by drug manufacturers. Drugs.com reformats the style of these monographs, but the content is a duplicate of FDA-approved labeling.

FDA Professional Drug Information A-Z Index

A A-Hydrocort → Adempas Tablets Adenocard → Aliclen Shampoo Alimta → Amantadine Oral Solution USP Amantadine Syrup → Ancobon Androderm → Aspirin Low Dose Enteric Coated aspirin powder → Azithromycin Tablets Azmacort → Azurette B B-Nexa Tablets → Betamethasone Dipropionate Betamethasone Gel → Brisdelle Brom Mal Phenyl HCl Dex HBr → Bystolic C C-Nate DHA → Care One Sleep Aid Careone Acid Reducer → Cereus Drops 6x Cerezyme → Cipro Cipro HC Otic → Clobetasol Cream Emulsion Clobetasol Cream,Ointment → ControlRx Toothpaste ConZip → Cydectin Oral Drench Cydectin Pour-On → Cytra-3 Oral Syrup D D-Worm Combo → Depakote Capsules Depakote ER → Dialyvite 5000 Dialyvite Supreme D → DisperMox Disulfiram → DuetDHA Balanced DuetDHA Complete → Dysport E E-Z Disk → Entre-S Entrobar → Esomeprazole Capsules Esomeprazole Injection → EZ-OX Plus F FaBB Tablets → Flo-Pred Flolan → Folcaps Tablets Folet DHA → Fycompa G Gabapentin → Glucagon Glucoheptonate Injection → Gynazole-1 H H.P. Acthar Gel → Humalog 50 / 50 Humalog Mix 75 / 25 → Hypaque-Cysto Hyperbaric Chamber Mix → Hyzaar I I 123 Mini → Intermezzo Intersol → Ivomec Premix for Swine Ixempra → Izba J J-COF DHC → Juxtapid Capsules K K-Dur → Kytril Injection L L-Cysteine Hydrochloride Injection → Levetiracetam Injection, Concentrate Levetiracetam Solution → Liptruzet Tablets Liqui-Coat Suspension → Lusedra Lustra Cream → Lyza Tablets M M-M-R II Vaccine → Melamin Skin Bleaching Cream Melamix Skin Lightener Cream → Metoclopramide Tablets Metolazone → Mometasone Ointment Momexin → Mycophenolate Suspension Mycophenolate Tablets → Myzilra N Nabi-HB → Neomycin,Polymyxin B,Dexamethasone Ointment Neomycin,Polymyxin B,Gramicidin → Nitroglycerin in Dextrose Nitroglycerin Injection → Nutrilyte Nutrilyte II → Nystop