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Pill Logo Identification

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The following imprints are commonly used by drug manufacturers to identify their pills.

A&Z Pharmaceutical A&Z Pharmaceutical Abbott Laboratories Abbott Laboratories Actavis Elizabeth Actavis Elizabeth Actavis Totowa Actavis Totowa Advance Pharmaceutical Advance Pharmaceutical
Andrx (Watson) Andrx (Watson) Apotex Apotex Barr Barr Boehringer Ingelheim Boehringer Ingelheim Caraco Caraco
Cephalon Cephalon Cobalt Cobalt Corepharma Corepharma Cypress Cypress Dr Reddy's Dr Reddy's
Duramed Endo Endo Eon (Sandoz) Eon (Sandoz) Ethex Ethex Forrest Forrest
Genpharm Genpharm Glenmark Glenmark Global Global Greenstone Greenstone Guardian Drug Company Guardian Drug Company
Inwood Labs (Forrest) Inwood Labs (Forrest) Ivax (Teva) Ivax (Teva) Knoll Knoll KVK Tech KVK Tech LNK International LNK International
ESI Lederle Generics ESI Lederle Generics Mallinckrodt Mallinckrodt Mutual Pharmaceutical Mutual Pharmaceutical Mylan Mylan Par Par
Parke-Davis Parke-Davis PDK Labs PDK Labs Purepac (Actavis US) Purepac (Actavis US) Prasco Prasco Qualitest Qualitest
Ranbaxy Ranbaxy Roche Roche Roxane Roxane Sandoz Sandoz Sanofi-Synthelabo Sanofi-Synthelabo
Savage Savage Schering Schering Shire US Inc Shire US Inc Teva Teva Torrent Pharmaceuticals Torrent Pharmaceuticals
Watson Watson Wellcome Wellcome West Ward West Ward Wyeth Wyeth

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