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Interferon Alfa



ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification)


CAS registry number (Chemical Abstracts Service)


Therapeutic Categories

Antineoplastic agent


Biological response modifier, BRM

Antiviral agent: Treatment of hepatitis

Chemical Name

A family of secreted proteins, known previously as leucocyte interferon or lymphoblastoid interferon, that is produced according to the information coded by multiple interferon alfa genes

Foreign Names

  • Interferonum alfa (Latin)
  • Interferon alfa (German)
  • Interféron alfa (French)
  • Interferon alfa (Spanish)

Generic Names

Brand Names

  • Alfaferone
    Alfa Wassermann, Czech Republic; Alfa Wassermann, Italy; Alfa Wassermann, Poland; Alfa Wassermann, Slovakia; Alfa Wassermann, Tunisia
  • Alferon
    Interferon, United States
  • Bioferon
    Farmindustria, Peru
  • Egiferon
    Trigon, Hungary
  • Interferon Alfanative
    Fahrenheit, Indonesia
  • Multiferon
    Swedish Orphan, Bulgaria; Swedish Orphan, Denmark; Swedish Orphan, Finland; Swedish Orphan, Iceland; Swedish Orphan, Lithuania; Swedish Orphan, Latvia; Swedish Orphan, Norway; Swedish Orphan, Slovenia; Swedish Orphan Biovitrum, Estonia; Swedish Orphan Biovitrum, Sweden
  • Hapgen
    Tri-Prime Genetic Enginering, China
  • OIF
    Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Japan
  • Samiferon
    Dainippon Sumitomo, Japan
  • Sumiferon
    Dainippon Sumitomo, Japan
  • Avirostat
    Varifarma, Argentina
  • Blauferon-A
    Blausiegel, Brazil
  • Chang Sheng Fu Ming
    Changchun Institute of Biological Products, China
  • Di En An
    Liaoning Weixing Institute of Biological Products, China
  • Fu Li Sheng
    High-Tech-Group White Swan Pharmaceutical, China
  • Infostat
    Bioprofarma, Argentina
  • Intefen
    Sunshine Pharmaceutical, China
  • Interferon
    Bioreg, Peru
  • Intron A Multi-Dose
    Schering-Plough, Thailand
  • Jie Fu
    HuaLiDa Biotechnology, China
  • Kaifu
    Kawin Technologie, China
  • Proquiferon
    Probiomed, Costa Rica; Probiomed, Dominican Republic; Probiomed, Guatemala; Probiomed, Honduras; Probiomed, Panama; Probiomed, El Salvador
  • Roceron
    Roche, Norway
  • Roferon A RBV (Interferon Alfa and Ribavirin)
    Roche, New Zealand
  • Roferon-A
    Roche, United Arab Emirates; Roche, Armenia; Roche, Austria; Roche, Australia; Roche, Aruba; Roche, Azerbaijan; Roche, Bosnia & Herzegowina; Roche, Bangladesh; Roche, Belgium; Roche, Bulgaria; Roche, Bahrain; Roche, Bolivia; Roche, Brazil; Roche, Switzerland; Roche, Chile; Roche, China; Roche, Colombia; Roche, Czech Republic; Roche, Germany; Roche, Ecuador; Roche, Estonia; Roche, Egypt; Roche, Spain; Roche, Finland; Roche, United Kingdom; Roche, Georgia; Roche, Greece; Roche, Hong Kong; Roche, Croatia (Hrvatska); Roche, Hungary; Roche, Ireland; Roche, Israel; Roche, Iraq; Roche, Iran; Roche, Italy; Roche, Jamaica; Roche, Jordan; Roche, Kenya; Roche, Kyrgyzstan; Roche, Cambodia; Roche, Kuwait; Roche, Kazakhstan; Roche, Laos; Roche, Lebanon; Roche, Lithuania; Roche, Luxembourg; Roche, Latvia; Roche, Moldova; Roche, Macedonia; Roche, Netherlands; Roche, Nepal; Roche, New Zealand; Roche, Oman; Roche, Philippines; Roche, Poland; Roche, Portugal; Roche, Qatar; Roche, Romania; Roche, Serbia; Roche, Russian Federation; Roche, Saudi Arabia; Roche, Sweden; Roche, Slovenia; Roche, Slovakia; Roche, Syria; Roche, Turkmenistan; Roche, Turkey; Roche, Trinidad & Tobago; Roche, Taiwan; Roche, Ukraine; Roche, United States; Roche, Uruguay; Roche, Uzbekistan; Roche, Venezuela; Roche, Yemen; Roche, South Africa
  • Roféron-A
    Roche, France
  • Sai Ruo Jin
    Kexing Biotech, China
  • Shu Run
    Changsheng Gene Pharmaceutical, China
  • Shuangyinjie
    Changchun Institute of Biological Products, China
  • Uniferon
    Getz Pharma, Vietnam
  • Wan Fu Luo
    Wanxing Bio-Pharmaceutical, China
  • Wan Fu Yin
    Wanxing Bio-Pharmaceutical, China
  • Xin Fu Ning
    Huaxin High Biotechnology, China
  • Xin Hua Nuo
    Huaxin High Biotechnology, China
  • YiLin - ChangSheng Gene Pharm
    Changsheng Gene Pharmaceutical, China
  • Alphaferoi
    Akber Brothers, Pakistan
  • Altevir
    Pharmapark, Russian Federation
  • An Da Fen
    Anke Biotechnology Group, China
  • An Fu Long
    HuaLiDa Biotechnology, China
  • An Te Fu
    Neptunus, China
  • Anferon
    Atco, Pakistan
  • Bioferon
    Bio Sidus, Thailand; Sidus, Argentina; Zydus Cadila, Myanmar
  • Blauferon-B
    Blausiegel, Brazil
  • Chang Sheng De Jia
    Changchun Institute of Biological Products, China
  • Chang Sheng Fu Kang
    Changchun Institute of Biological Products, China
  • Heberon Alfa R
    Tecnoquimicas, Colombia
  • INF
    Bioprofarma, Argentina
  • Inter 2B
    Delta Farma, Argentina
  • Interferon Alfa 2B Biomartian
    LKM, Argentina
  • Interferon Alfa 2b Cassara
    Pablo Cassara, Argentina
  • Interferon Alfa-2b Humano Recombinante
    Bago, Chile
  • Interferon Alfa-2b
    Altian, Belize; Altian, Costa Rica; Altian, Dominican Republic; Altian, Guatemala; Altian, Honduras; Altian, Haiti; Altian, Nicaragua; Altian, El Salvador; Biosintética, Brazil
  • Interferonas alfa-2b
    Sicor Biotech, Lithuania
  • Interlong
    Neptunus, China
  • Inton A
    Schering-Plough, Bangladesh
  • Intron A Multi-Dose
    Schering-Plough, Taiwan
  • Intron A Pen
    Schering-Plough, Slovenia
  • Intron A Redipen
    Schering-Plough, Australia
  • Intron A
    Bayer Schering, Iran; Merck Sharp & Dohme, China; Merck Sharp & Dohme-Schering Plough, Norway; MSD, Switzerland; Schering, United Arab Emirates; Schering, Egypt; Schering, Iraq; Schering, Jordan; Schering, Kuwait; Schering, Qatar; Schering, Saudi Arabia; Schering, United States; Schering, Yemen; Schering-Ploug Europe, Poland; Schering-Plough, Argentina; Schering-Plough, Australia; Schering-Plough, Bangladesh; Schering-Plough, Belgium; Schering-Plough, Bahrain; Schering-Plough, Canada; Schering-Plough, Colombia; Schering-Plough, Costa Rica; Schering-Plough, Czech Republic; Schering-Plough, Dominican Republic; Schering-Plough, Georgia; Schering-Plough, Guatemala; Schering-Plough, Hong Kong; Schering-Plough, Honduras; Schering-Plough, Croatia (Hrvatska); Schering-Plough, Hungary; Schering-Plough, Indonesia; Schering-Plough, Israel; Schering-Plough, Japan; Schering-Plough, Lebanon; Schering-Plough, Mexico; Schering-Plough, Nicaragua; Schering-Plough, Netherlands; Schering-Plough, New Zealand; Schering-Plough, Oman; Schering-Plough, Panama; Schering-Plough, Philippines; Schering-Plough, Portugal; Schering-Plough, Romania; Schering-Plough, Serbia; Schering-Plough, Russian Federation; Schering-Plough, Singapore; Schering-Plough, Slovenia; Schering-Plough, Slovakia; Schering-Plough, El Salvador; Schering-Plough, Syria; Schering-Plough, Turkey; Schering-Plough, Venezuela; Schering-Plough, South Africa; SP Europe, Denmark
  • Intron Redipen
    Schering-Plough, Venezuela
  • IntronA D.A.C.
    DAC, Iceland
  • IntronA Lyfjaver
    Lyfjaver, Iceland
  • Intron-A Multid. Pen
    Schering-Plough, Peru
  • IntronA
    Merck Sharp & Dohme, Germany; Merck Sharp & Dohme, United Kingdom; MSD, Sweden; MSD France, France; Schering-Plough, Spain; Schering-Plough, Finland; Schering-Plough, Greece; Schering-Plough, Ireland; Schering-Plough, Italy; Schering-Plough, Lithuania; SP Europe, Austria; SP Europe, Latvia
  • Intron-A
    Schering-Plough, Mexico; Schering-Plough, Malaysia
  • Kalferon
    Kalbe, Indonesia; Kalbe Farma, Myanmar
  • Longhuanuo
    Binhai Xinbao, China
  • Opin
    Weiao Pharmaceutical, China
  • Peg-Intron
    Schering-Plough, Oman
  • Realdiron
    Sicor Biotech, Bulgaria; Sicor Biotech, Lithuania; Sicor Biotech, Latvia; Sicor Biotech, Serbia; TEVA, Russian Federation
  • Refergen
    Sicor Biotech, Lithuania
  • Shanferon
    Shantha, India
  • Uniferon
    Getz Pharma, Philippines
  • Urifron
    Probiomed, Mexico
  • Urifrón
    Probiomed, Costa Rica; Probiomed, Dominican Republic; Probiomed, Guatemala; Probiomed, Honduras; Probiomed, Panama; Probiomed, El Salvador
  • Viferon
    Feron, Georgia
  • Viraferon
    Fulford, India; Schering-Plough, Latvia
  • Yi Sheng
    Kawin Technologie, China
  • You Ni Long
    Tongyong Tongmeng Pharmaceutical, China
  • Yuan Ce Su
    YuanCe Pharmaceutical, China
  • Alferon N
    Hemispherx, United States

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DCFDénomination Commune Française
DCITDenominazione Comune Italiana
ISInofficial Synonym
JANJapanese Accepted Name
OSOfficial Synonym
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Rec.INNRecommended International Nonproprietary Name (World Health Organization)
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