How To Use A Bed Board

What is a bed board?

  • A bed board is a device that you put under the mattress to make the mattress firmer. It also keeps the mattress from sagging. A bed board is usually made of a solid piece of wood or wood slats inside a canvas cover. Another type of bed board has hinges so it can be folded. The hinged bed board is needed for a hospital bed so it bends with the positions of the bed.

  • You can buy or rent a bed board at medical supply stores. There are folding bedboards that are lightweight and can be taken when you travel. Also, you can make one using 1-inch (2.5cm) plywood. The board needs to be as long and as wide as the mattress. Sand the board to make it smooth so it does not hurt the mattress.

Why is a bed board needed?

Someone with back injury may use a bed board. People with arthritis may need a bed board. A bed board can help you be more comfortable while you are in bed.

How is the bed board put on the bed?

The following steps may help you put the board on the bed:

  • Get help, if necessary, to move the person out of bed.

  • Take the sheets off the bed.

  • With the help of another person, lift the top mattress. Place the board on top of the bedsprings (bottom mattress).

  • Put the mattress on top of the board.

  • Make sure none of the board is sticking out from under the mattress. This can cause injury if someone bumps into it.

  • Put the sheets back on the bed.

  • A plastic covered mattress can easily slide off a bed board. Have someone stand on each side of the bed to hold the mattress while the person is put back to bed.

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