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Options for Antimalarial Treatment

Drugs used to help prevent malaria and tips on avoiding mosquito bites.

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This animation shows a stroke resulting by an embolism travelling from an internal carotid artery and lodging within a cerebral artery in the brain.

Start at the Store: Prevent Foodborne Illness

By starting at the store with safe food handling practice, consumers can play a major role in preventing foodborne illness. In this new Consumer Update video, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provides tips for keeping food safe while guiding viewers through a grocery store.

Hamstring curl with resistance tubing

The hamstring curl with resistance tubing targets the back of the thigh. See how it's done.

Bent-over row with resistance tubing

The bent-over row with resistance tubing targets the back of the shoulder. See how it's done.

Squat exercises with resistance tubing for leg muscles

The squat with resistance tubing is an exercise that targets the leg muscles. See how it's done.

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