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Zinc Sulfate

This page contains information on Zinc Sulfate for veterinary use.
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Zinc Sulfate

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Vétoquinol USA

Fecal Flotation Medium

Reconstitutes to 1 gallon of fecal flotation solution

VET Solutions® Zinc Sulfate is a pre-measured amount of zinc sulfate heptahydrate to be reconstituted and used for fecal flotation analysis. Common parasite ova that may be detected using Zinc Sulfate solution for fecal flotation analysis include Ancylostoma sp. (Hookworms), Toxocara sp. (Roundworms), Trichuris sp. (Whipworms), Isospora sp. (Coccidia), small and large strongyles, and Giardia.

Directions For Use

Shake container well before adding water to break up dry Zinc Sulfate. Add warm water until container is approximately half full. Replace cap and shake well. Add additional warm water to within one inch of the top of the container. Replace cap and shake until all powder is dissolved. This produces a solution with a specific gravity of 1.18.

Testing Procedure

Thoroughly break up 2 grams of fresh feces and mix with a small amount (10-15ml) of reconstituted Zinc Sulfate solution in a Fecal Diagnostic Kit or similar fecal flotation device. When thoroughly mixed; fill Fecal Diagnostic Kit until a reverse meniscus forms. Place a cover slip over the meniscus and allow to sit for at least 15 minutes, giving parasite ova time to float to the top of the solution and adhere to the cover slip. Remove cover slip and place on microscope slide. Examine under a microscope on low power for the presence of parasite ova. Lugol's Iodine can be added to the slide to stain Giardia cysts if desired.

Storage And Use

Keep tightly closed when not in use. Protect from freezing. Always shake reconstituted Zinc Sulfate solution before filling any dispensing bottles.

For Veterinary Use Only

Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children

Sold Exclusively Through Veterinarians

VET Solutions brand



Product No.


One Gallon (3.79 L)




Nac No.

Customer Service:   800-267-5707
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