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Vulketan (Canada)

This page contains information on Vulketan for veterinary use.
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This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Vétoquinol

ketanserin (as ketanserin tartrate)

0.25% w/w gel


DIN 02242467


Active Ingredient

Each gram of gel contains 2.5mg ketanserin (as ketanserin tartrate).

Vulketan Indications

VULKETAN gel is indicated for the treatment of wounds in horses on or below the tarsal or carpal joints and to prevent the formation of excessive granulation tissue at these wound sites.

Vulketan Cautions

Because of its stimulating effect on the circulation, VULKETAN gel should not be applied on fresh wounds until all bleeding has stopped. In older wounds, if excessive granulation tissue has already developed, it should be surgically removed before VULKETAN gel treatment is started. Mild to acute lymphangitis has been observed following VULKETAN administration in 1.2% of treated horses in a multicentre field trial. There are no known interactions between VULKETAN gel and other drugs.


This drug is not to be administered to horses that are to be slaughtered for use in food.

Keep this and all other medications out of reach of children.

Vulketan Dosage And Administration

Clean the wound thoroughly with water and apply VULKETAN gel to the entire wound surface and its border. Repeat this procedure twice daily until epithelialization has occurred. The duration of treatment will vary depending on the severity of the wound. It is not necessary to apply any dressings to wounds being treated with VULKETAN gel. Where it does not interfere with wound integrity, walking the horse 2-3 times daily is recommended to improve circulation to the affected area. This will also help prevent limb edema.

Treatment of wounds with VULKETAN gel should be performed under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Less than 6% of horses have been observed to develop excessive granulation tissue during the course of treatment with VULKETAN gel. In these cases, further veterinary advice should be sought.


Store at less than 30°C.

How Supplied

VULKETAN gel is available in 75 g tubes.


VULKETAN gel is very well tolerated and there are no known contraindications to its use.

Elanco and Vulketan are trademarks owned or licensed by Eli Lilly and Company, its subsidiaries or affiliates.

Manufactured by: Elanco, Division Eli Lilly Canada Inc., 150 Research Lane, Suite 120, Guelph, ON, N1G 4T2, Canada

Distributed by: Vétoquinol N.-A. Inc., 2000, ch. Georges, Lavaltrie, QC, Canada, J5T 3S5

203275/00 (V01-09-2012)



75 g


NAC No.: 12343641

Commercial Division

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Order Desk:   800-363-1700
Fax:   450-586-4649
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