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Tissumend II SC

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Tissumend II SC

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: V.P.L.

Synthetic Absorbable Tissue Adhesive

(A Methoxypropyl Cyanoacrylate Composition)


TISSUMEND II SC Synthetic Absorbable Tissue Adhesive is a patented, unique absorbable composition consisting of a methoxypropyl cyanoacrylate monomer, polymeric modifiers, and D&C Violet #2 FDA approved dye.

TISSUMEND II SC has the following advantages over current cyanoacrylate adhesives:

- TISSUMEND II SC is broken down by hydrolysis and eventually absorbed.

- Reduced exothermic properties upon polymerizing resulting in reduced cytotoxicity and enhanced tissue acceptance.

- Forms an exceptional adhesive joint that is favorably compliant with tissue.

- Delivered in a multiuse vial.

TISSUMEND II SC polymerizes forming a strong bond between most tissue surfaces within 10 seconds after application. TISSUMEND II SC provides the surgeon hemostatic properties in combination with superior adhesive qualities.

Tissumend II SC Indications

TISSUMEND II SC is indicated for the closure of surgical wounds, declaws, tail dockings, incision sites, debrided trauma wounds, hemostasis and laser surgical procedures.


TISSUMEND II SC is contraindicated in the management of infected wounds or situations where tissue closure would be detrimental to the patient. This product is not intended for intravenous administration or other routes of administration other than topical application.

Tissumend II SC Caution

To be used by or under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian and is not intended for human application.


Overapplication of TISSUMEND II SC may result in unpredictable healing.

Avoid contact with clothing since the stain may be permanent.

Avoid contact with metal instruments.

If adhesive accidentally gets in the eye, the eyelids should be kept open and the eye surface thoroughly washed with water.


Product can be stored at room temperature. Avoid prolonged exposure of TISSUMEND II SC to temperatures above 37°C (100°F). The product should not be used beyond the indicated expiration date.


TISSUMEND II SC may be removed from surfaces with chloroform, dimethylsulfoxide or acetone. These removal agents should not be used in situations that may cause injury or harm to the patient.

How Supplied

Product code: 3006178, TISSUMEND II SC Synthetic Absorbable Tissue Adhesive is supplied in a glass bottle (1.5mL). Each bag contains 1 glass bottle and 10 pipettes.


1. Site Preparation: The surgical site should be prepared in an appropriate manner. The surgical site should be dried before application to ensure fluids do not interfere with polymerization of TISSUMEND II SC.

2. Use an enclosed pipette to aspirate a small amount of TISSUMEND II SC from the bottle.

a. Declaws:

i. The claw should be removed using standard techniques.

ii. Excess blood should be removed before application.

iii. Apply a very thin coat to one edge of the tissue, making sure to avoid over-application.

iv. Wound edges should be brought together for 10 seconds with firm pressure.

v. Apply bandages in a standard manner.

b. Incisions:

i. Excess blood should be removed before application.

ii. Apply a very thin coat to one edge of the tissue, making sure to avoid over-application.

iii. Wound edges should be brought together for 10 seconds with firm pressure.

iv. Apply bandages in a standard manner.

v. Large incisions (>2 inches) or incisions with high physical stress may require suturing.

DO NOT OVER-APPLY TISSUMEND II SC. A light thin coat is better than a thick, heavy coat.

Manufactured for: Veterinary Products Laboratories, Phoenix, AZ 85067 USA

For information, please call 1-888-241-9545.

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