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SurgiSeal Vet (Canada)

This page contains information on SurgiSeal Vet for veterinary use.
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SurgiSeal Vet

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SurgiSeal Vet™ topical skin adhesive contains 2-octyl cyanoacrylate as the active ingredient, stabilizers, polymerization accelerator and the colorant D&C Violet #2. SurgiSeal Vet™ topical skin adhesive is a purple formulation that has been demonstrated to be useful for skin closure in spays, neuters, declaws, lacerations and abrasions, cuts, tail docking, and other soft tissue surgeries.


SurgiSeal Vet™ topical skin adhesive (2-octyl cyanoacrylate) is supplied in an individual package (plastic bag), with each package containing: one 3.5 ml bottle of topical skin adhesive, 10 disposable foam swabs, 2 pipettes, and an IFU.


SurgiSeal Vet™ topical skin adhesive is a 2-octyl cyanoacrylate formulation, which, upon contact with most bodily fluids or with an alkaline pH environment, polymerizes to form a thin, flexible, waterproof bridge/bandage. When SurgiSeal Vet™ topical skin adhesive is used along an approximated surgical incision, the initial contact of the product will rapidly polymerize at the tissue junction. The remaining material that forms the tissue bridge will polymerize at a slower rate. The formation of the tissue bridge holds the approximated wound edges together. Tissue regeneration and wound healing occurs under the SurgiSeal Vet™ topical skin adhesive layer and is sloughed naturally as the incision heals.


Recommended storage conditions are at room temperature: at or below 30°C/86°F, away from moisture, direct heat and direct light.

DO NOT use after expiration date.

SurgiSeal Vet Indications

SurgiSeal Vet™ topical skin adhesive is indicated for Veterinary Use Only. SurgiSeal Vet™ topical skin adhesive is indicated as a tissue bridge, provided that subcutaneous sutures are used (when appropriate), in the following procedures:

● Spays

● Tumor removals

● Neuters

● Lacerations

● Declaws

● Incisions

● Cuts

● Tail docking

Directions For Use

Proper preparation of the wound site is critical for using SurgiSeal Vet™ topical skin adhesive successfully. If antiseptic treatment is desired for the wound site, wash the area with a povidone solution. Do not use other topical ointments or salves because they may interfere with the formation of the SurgiSeal Vet™ topical skin adhesive.

After preparing the wound site, use sterile gauze to remove any accumulating blood or moisture from the wound. DO NOT APPLY SurgiSeal Vet™ TOPICAL SKIN ADHESIVE OVER A POOL OF BLOOD OR FLUID. This causes improper polymerization of the adhesive and results in premature sloughing of the adhesive.

Dip the foam swab or pipette into the SurgiSeal Vet™ topical skin adhesive. Hold the wound together and apply an even layer of SurgiSeal Vet™ topical skin adhesive. The SurgiSeal Vet™ topical skin adhesive bandage should extend slightly beyond the wound onto healthy tissue. DO NOT OVER-APPLY. A light, thin coat is better than a thick, heavy coat as too much adhesive could inversely affect flexibility and develop microscopic cracks. After use, discard the foam swab or pipette, and wipe the bottle with a non-cotton wipe prior to replacing cap.


SurgiSeal Vet™ topical skin adhesive is contraindicated in the management of infected or deep puncture wounds. SurgiSeal Vet™ topical skin adhesive is not intended to be used as a replacement for suture material that would normally be used subcutaneously (i.e. absorbable sutures).


● Do not apply SurgiSeal Vet™ topical skin adhesive internally or below the epidermal layer. Placing this product in any subcutaneous tissues may lead to a foreign body reaction and potential wound separation.

● Avoid unintended placement on skin and eyes.

● Avoid contact with surgical instruments and apparatus (such as gloves).

● After use, discard the foam swab or pipette.

● Use a new foam swab or pipette for each procedure.

● Before replacing the screw-top cap, wipe excess adhesive from the rim of the bottle with an absorbent lint-free wipe to prevent cap from sticking.

● The product should not be used beyond the indicated expiration date.


SurgiSeal Vet™ topical skin adhesive can be removed from skin or other surfaces with acetone.


Manufactured by: Adhezion Biomedical, LLC, 506 Pine Mountain Rd, Hudson, NC 28638 USA

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