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Sergeant's Flea & Tick Spray for dogs

This page contains information on Sergeant's Flea & Tick Spray for dogs for veterinary use.
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  • Sergeant's Flea & Tick Spray for dogs Indications
  • Warnings and cautions for Sergeant's Flea & Tick Spray for dogs
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Sergeant's Flea & Tick Spray For Dogs

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Sergeant’s

Kills Fleas For Up To 14 Days

Kills Ticks For 4 Days

Kills The Ticks That May Carry Lyme Disease




Permethrin: [*(3-phenoxyphenyl) methyl (±)cis-trans-3-
(2,2-dichloroethenyl) 2,2-dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylate]


Related reaction products




*cis-trans Isomers Ratio: Max. 55% (±)cis And Min. 45% (±)trans

keep Out Of Reach Of Children


See below for directions and precautions

Read Entire Label Before Each Use. Use Only On Dogs.

Important Consumer Information

Purpose: Sergeant’s Flea & Tick Spray Is Specially Formulated To Kill Fleas On Your Pet For Up To 14 Days, And Will Kill Ticks For 4 Days.

directions For Use: It Is A Violation Of Federal Law To Use This Product In A Manner Inconsistent With Its Labeling. Shake Well. Remove Cap; From A Distance Of Approximately 8-12 Inches And Starting At The Tail Spray Pet Against The Lay Of The Coat, Moving The Dispenser Rapidly, Fluffing Long Hair So Spray Penetrates To The Pet’s Skin (include The Legs And Underbody But Avoid The Face, Eyes And Genitalia). The Spray Should Wet Ticks Thoroughly. For Dogs Apply At A Rate Of 2 Seconds Per Pound Of Body Weight For Heavy Or Long-haired Dogs. Reapply Every Week.

precautionary Statements


Sergeant's Flea & Tick Spray for dogs Caution

Causes moderate eye irritation. Avoid contact with eyes or clothing. Harmful if absorbed through skin. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling. Do not spray pet’s face, eyes, or genitalia. Do not use on nursing puppies or animals under 12 weeks. Consult a veterinarian before using this product on debilitated, aged, pregnant, medicated, or nursing animals. Sensitivities may occur after using ANY pesticide product for pets. If signs of sensitivity occur bathe your pet with mild soap and rinse with large amounts of water. If signs continue, consult a veterinarian immediately.

Environmental Hazards

This product is toxic to fish and other aquatic invertebrates. Do not apply directly to water. Do not contaminate water by cleaning of equipment or disposal of wastes.

Physical Or Chemical Hazards

Do not use or store near heat or open flame.

First Aid

IF SWALLOWED: Call poison control center or doctor immediately for treatment advice. Have person sip a glass of water if able to swallow. Do not induce vomiting unless told to do so by a poison control center or doctor. Do not give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.

IF INHALED: Move person to fresh air. If person is not breathing, call 911 or an ambulance, then give artificial respiration, preferably by mouth-to-mouth, if possible. Call a poison control center or doctor for further treatment advice.

IF IN EYES: Hold eye open and rinse slowly and gently with water for 15-20 minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present, after the first 5 minutes, then continue rinsing eye. Call a poison control center or doctor for treatment advice.

IF ON SKIN OR CLOTHING: Take off contaminated clothing. Rinse skin immediately with plenty of water for 15-20 minutes. Call a poison control center or doctor for treatment advice.

Hotline Number

Have the product container or label with you when calling a poison control center or doctor, or going for treatment. You may also contact 1-800-224-PETS for emergency medical treatment information.

Storage And Disposal


Store in a cool dry area away from heat or open flame.


Do not puncture or Incinerate!

If Empty

Place in trash or offer for recycling if available.

If Partly Filled

Call your local solid waste agency or 1-800-CLEANUP for disposal instructions.


Sergeant’s is committed to providing high quality products. If you have questions or comments about this product, please write: Sergeant’s Consumer Response, P.O. Box 540399, Omaha, NE 68154-0399.

EPA Reg. No. 2517-71

EPA Est. No. 11715-TN-1

EPA Est. No. 063416-MN-1

Distributed by: Sergeant’s Pet Products, Inc., Omaha, NE 68130

Net Contents


8 fl oz (236 ml)

AIAH YC09501-D

Nac No.


P.O. BOX 540399, OMAHA, NE, 68154-0399
Telephone:   402-938-7000
Clinical Inquiries: Regulatory Manager:   402-938-7065
Fax:   402-938-7165
Customer Service:   800-224-7387
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